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See our exclusive range of premium quality, high-performance thermal insulation products designed to efficiently insulate any building, project or application.  We provide thermal solutions customised to your project requirements.

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Polarboard Thermal Insulation for Outdoor and External Applications

Thermal Insulation for Energy Efficient Building
Thermal Insulation for all Climate Zones and R-Values


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The only non-conductive and non-corrosive and non-conductive 3-in-1 thermal insulation, thermal break and permeable building wrap available  in Australia.

Polastic Insulation is a high performance, 3-in-1 reflective insulation, thermal break and vapour barrier that effectively blocks all three types of heat transfer: radiant, convective and conductive.

Polastic Insulation is scientifically engineered to perform in real-life built environments in all weather conditions and locations throughout Australia.  

Polastic Insulation is a continuous cover insulation that protects against thermal bridging, condensation and air infiltration.

Available in Sheets 1200mm x 2400mm (7mm up to 100mm thickness) or Continuous Rolls 1200mm x 24m long (7mm or 12mm thickness).  

Available in Silver, White or Black finish.

Made in Australia...

Non Toxic Rigid Insulation
Recyclable Green Insulation Product

Designed for all Climate Zones

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Dual reflective facers to reflect heat away from the interior.

Polastic Insulation - Non Corrosive Water Barrier Icon

Provides a non-corrosive and non-conductive water barrier.

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Permeable Thermal Insulation

3-in-1 Insulation, thermal break, building wrap or sarking.

Polastic Insulation Fibre Free 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation

Fibre-free and flexible sheets or rolls. No itchy fibres.

Polastic Insulation - Vapour Permeable Breathable Insulation Icon

Vapour permeable, breathable building membrane.

Polastic Insulation - Building Wrap Icon

Continuous cover insulation to seal up the building envelope.

Polastic Insulation is a Green Building Product

Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly green building product..

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Designed for all Climate Zones throughout Australia.


Sheet Dimensions 1200mm wide X 2400 mm long.

Roll Dimensions 1200mm wide x 24m long. 

Available in Silver, White or Black finish. 

Thicknesses available 7mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, 70mm, 80mm, 90mm up to 100mm.

Premium 3-in-1 thermal insulation with dual reflective surfaces.  Made in Australia.

Polastic Insulation 3-in-1 Thermal Insulation, Thermal Break and Building Wrap Logo

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Any application. Any R-Value. We can assist.

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PrimePanel Insulation Rigid Board Thermal Insulation Group 2 AS 5637.1
PrimePanel Insulation - Rigid Board Thermal Insulation. Soffit Lining, Roof, Floor and Wall Insulation. AS 5637.1 and NCC 2019 Compliant.

PrimePanel Insulation is a high-performance, premium rigid insulation panel designed for applications where superior thermal and fire performance is required.

PrimePanel Insulation comprises a fibre-free, thermoset phenolic core and dual reflective aluminium foil surfaces with a high-quality finish.

PrimePanel Insulation is tested and certified by accredited laboratories (Registered Testing Authorities) located in Australia and New Zealand and complies with the National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia) 2019 and Australian Standards AS/NZS 4859.1 and AS 5637.1.

PrimePanel Insulation is available in 20mm (R1.0), 25mm (R1.2), 30mm (R1.5), 40mm (R2.0), 50mm (R2.5), 60mm (R3.0), 70mm (R3.5), 80mm (R4.0), 90mm (R4.5), 100mm (R5.0) profile thickness.

Dimensions 1200mm Width x 2270mm Length.

Available in Silver, White or Black finish.

Car Park Soffit Insulation... Without the expensive price tag.

Compliant. Accredited. AS 5637.1 / NCC 2019.

Premium quality phenolic insulation panels.

Soffit lining applications. Complies with AS 5637.1 and NCC 2019.
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Polarboard Thermal Insulation for Outdoor and External Applications
POLARBOARD is a lightweight and durable thermal insulation panel with increased compressive and load bearing strength.

POLARBOARD is designed for outdoor applications on commercial and residential projects including walls, rooftops, balconies, decks and under slab applications where a high performance, thermal insulation solution is required.  POLARBOARD can be used as geofoam blocks for commercial void fill, slab fill and landscaping applications.

POLARBOARD creates a thermally efficient insulation and high compressive strength substrate for gravel, paving concrete, render or other external finishes. POLARBOARD is fast and easy to install, durable and lightweight, adding minimal load to any building structure.

POLARBOARD is Australian made, environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

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